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        Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast episode 32 is now available for listening. This week, Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, got the chance to speak with Angie Landmesser. Angie is the Assistant Area Director for LivHome, a non-medical integrated care management home care agency based in the Chicagoland area.


        In episode 32, Angie talks about her extensive experience in the home care industry. In 2003, she started her own care system with her mother. Angie joined the LivHome family in 2018 and is proud of the principles they follow. With over 800 home care agencies in the state of Illinois, LivHome needs to stand out above the rest. For instance, they ensures clients are cared for in a holistic way which values their physical, mental, social and emotional health.

        If you are looking to be a guest on our show,?fill out the form. We will contact you and get you on the schedule. Never miss an episode by?subscribing to our podcasts.